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Onening DAY! - The Official Tora-con Informer [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The Official Tora-con Informer

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Onening DAY! [Jul. 26th, 2006|08:02 am]
The Official Tora-con Informer
[mood |busy]

In addition to the Tora-con informer giving you an inside scoop on what’s to come at Tora-con we’ll give you a little information about other events going on at the RIT Anime Club, such as dance parties or social nights.

Although it’s belated, the first matter at hand is to commend everyone on a successful Tora-con 2006! Everything went very smoothly and we couldn’t have been happier to have so many people come to our little one-day convention. The AMV contest was a huge success for our first year doing it! We had many people enter and they were great. Thank you all!

Our cosplay event was also a huge success and our entrants looked so good! Skits and costumes awed and entertained us (as they are so good at doing). With our Al in the Box, Legend of Zelda skit, vampires and J-pop singers (we really had so many this past year)!

The game tournaments, though long and ferocious fights to the death, also appeared to run smoothly. Many a Pikachu and Ivy clashed, but the blood aside, it was honorable- fighting.

Name That Tune, an experimental new game we made had lots of participation and we hope to make it more interesting this upcoming Tora-con.

Also at Tora-con was a showing of the acclaimed My Neighbor Totoro by Ghilbli Studio and Disney! Indeed, we showed it, and it was delicious (and by that I mean good).

HOW CAN WE FORGET! Pine*am came to Tora-con! Even Pac-man raved to their smooth hits! It’s true, Pine*am came all the way to Rochester, New York to perform to Otaku of the Anime Generation (or just plain Otaku)! Pine*am was great to us and was willing to sign autographs and just talk to many people (their English was amazing folks), out of the kindness of their hearts. They even had a conversation with the crowd in Japanese when on stage! We are very grateful to Pine*am and their sexy tee-shirts!

What is this? Our first bit of Tora-con 2007 news?

Do you want your art on Tora-con fliers, posters or the website? Are you at least considering it? WELL! Then you have exactly the right idea because our Tora-con art contest is opening up bright and early this year! If you want to submit your Tora-con fanart (Tigers, tiger-chicks, tiger mechas, patterns, etc…) then you’ve come to the right place! Get your sketchpad, wacom tablet or origami creation set ready and start trucking! The first ten entrants this year will get honorable mention in our brochure and their art guaranteed* on something RIT Anime Club! RITA, our RIT Tora-con’s mascot tiger, is an understandable one and is willing to let you use your submissions to RIT Anime on resumes or in your portfolio (if your art is used). Understand though, that any and all artwork used by the Anime Club is subject to resizing/tweaking to fit the medium we need/desire to use it in **.

*We can and will exclude any and all art that is pornographic and not suiting of all-ages viewing. We are an all-ages friendly convention and will not tolerate vulgar images to promote our convention.
**If you have a problem with this policy then we suggest you not submit your art to us, but rather make it for your own personal purposes.

Thank you all and Hope to see you at Tora-con 2007!