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LADIES AND GENTLEMEN (and Otaku of all generations!) RIT Anime Club… - The Official Tora-con Informer [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Sep. 9th, 2006|10:40 am]
The Official Tora-con Informer
[music |The Buzz of the new school year]

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN (and Otaku of all generations!)

RIT Anime Club is officially open, and HOORAY!
As a result we can now officially open our art contest. If you are not sure if you want to do artwork, or want to know more details about it feel free to contact any of the board members, or leave a reply here. If you aren’t a member of our club and would like to ask questions you can go to http://animehost.rit.edu for all information about our club and activities (or http://animehost.rit.edu/eboard.html for contact info). We also have a forum which is linked to our main site http://s7.invisionfree.com/RITAnime/

There is not yet much to report in regards to Tora-con, as it is not until April 22, but if you already know and or think you would be willing to help out with this years event (even though we aren’t entirely sure of what is happening yet) PLEASE feel free to ask us or contact us and we’ll be sure to get in contact with you.

[User Picture]From: deadums
2006-09-12 05:58 pm (UTC)
I'd love to help out in any way I could. I'm ultradead in the forums.

Also, I'm not sure I want to join the art contest officially yet (as of now I'm in a horrific drawing slump), but I have a deviantart account if you want to look.
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From: torastaff
2006-09-13 07:00 pm (UTC)
It's good to hear from you! if you are a member of club and want to help out feel free to just come down to the stage and say "HI, I wanna help" and I'm sure everyone will be glad to hear it.

If you don’t want that, or cant make it to our club meetings, but would like to help out with Tora-con there are a few things to say:
1) We can't start setting up gophers yet until we have a general idea of events and scale. This doesn't mean to forget about it, it just means we're still planning out the details and we can get back to you as soon as we know (chances are any of our websites will have information on these as we get them)
2) Othersiwe there is the art stuff. I took a brief look at your link and I really liked some of your stuff! For Tora-con events we don't commission artists, it's more like a "here's my work plz use it, k, thnx, bai" sort of deal. We let you - assuming we use your work for promotional purposes for the con - to put on your resume "RIT Anime Club Tora-con Art Contest Winner” or some such fancy title. So basically it comes down to your time and if you want that on your resume ;D. Even your little boy tora would be something acceptable; its cute, it's a tiger YAY - so long its yours, its original and its for Tora-con.

If this is just too much information in such a small space then what you can do is email or otherwise contact any board member and we'd be sure to help you out!
Thanks for showing interest!
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