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toraconinformer's Journal

The Official Tora-con Informer
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Tora-con is the official Anime convention of the Rochester Institute of Technology. Our 2007 Tora-con will be our third anual convention. Tora-con Informer is the place (on LJ) to learn more about Tora-con and our events as they become known. The informer will include contests and information about events to come, pre-regestration and links to find more information about the convention. Feel free to ask questions and for more information. Someone will regularly update this site and all RIT Anime affiliated links during the 2006-2007 school year.

In past years Tora-con has included:
Cosplay, AMVs, My Neighbor Totoro the movie, Pine*am in concert, FullMetal Alchemist Card Tournament, Soul Caliber Tournaments, Smash Bros Meelee Tournament, Name That Tune, DJGreasy Dance Party, and showrooms!